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I don't like cricket. I love it.
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Oh hehehe how have I missed this discussion? I have no issues with any Jos chest hair tbh carpet or not ;-) doesn’t seem like the hyper groomed metro type.

It’s a discussion I’ve had irl as opposed to on Tumblr :P You say that, but I’d put money on the fact he gets it waxed from time to time. How else could he achieve this look?


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mrsbuttler replied to your video “Have we talked about this yet? Why are we not talking about this? We…”

Can we talk about the hairy chest… ;-)

It has been the subject of quite a few (read: far too many) conversations I’ve had. At least it’s not as bad as the actual carpet he had at one point….

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Morgs walks to the nets. (September 01, 2014) Getty


Morgs walks to the nets. (September 01, 2014) Getty

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Alex being….well, Alex. Adorable idiot. 

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Faf’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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The England boys in their annual suit fitting. (x) 

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Yorkshire v Durham at Headingley, 28th August

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Anonymous asked: Are you like butt butts? In every tag you wrote I like butts

I do like butts in general, but when I’m talking about ‘buttbutts’ I’m talking about Jos Buttler. And if I’m talking about ‘superbutts’ I’m talking about Jos and Eoin Morgan as a pair. So yeah, I talk about butts a lot, but I don’t always mean actual butts…..

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shaunoff19 asked: Did you watch the finals day? x

Yes I did! It was a day of mixed emotions ‘cause I was so happy that Lancs won their semi then was completely gutted when they lost the final. Great day of cricket though, easily one of the best days in the county calendar :)

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